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Our Health & Wellbeing Report 2014/15

This Health & Wellbeing report provides evidence of the contribution made by Citizens Advice North East Lincolnshire in supporting health and wellbeing and addressing the causes of health inequalities in society.

We look at:

  • the demand and demographics of our clients,
  • the effect of advice on people’s physical and mental health,
  • the relationship between advice provision and the social determinants of health,
  • the effect of deprivation on health and how we aim to target services to meet need,
  • health and specific advice areas such as debt,  welfare benefits, housing and homelessness, child and fuel poverty in our area,
  • the impact of volunteering and employment on health,
  • the fiscal benefits for individuals, government and society of the advice provided,
  • and the wider benefits including the effect of advice on wellbeing
  • and the impact and benefits of our advice work on health service provision.

In conclusion the report summarises what this means for the provision of advice within North East Lincolnshire and how health is helping to shape both our current and future service delivery.

We believe this report makes a compelling case for improving client outcomes  to Health Commissioners. It’s clear from the report, and from our own experiences in Citizens Advice North East Lincolnshire, that people with health problems are amongst those most in need of welfare advice but at the same time least able to access it effectively.

Whilst the financial landscape is challenging, here at Citizens Advice North East Lincolnshire we are keen to play a role in the prevention agenda, and see that there is an opportunity for us to deliver a better, more focussed service to clients which improves health outcomes and reduces inequalities and which brings financial savings to individuals, society and government.

Duncan Rossiter – Development Manager

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Download: Health and Wellbeing Report 2014/15 (PDF – Direct Download)